My Approach

The idea of growing my therapy garden was inspired by my love for nature. Growing up in Israel I was surrounded by nature and would take groups out on nature guides.
As a mother of three, I value the importance of family. Much like my therapy garden, I’ve enjoyed nurturing, caring, and watching my little ones grow.
I’ve noticed that every bit of effort that I invest into other people makes an impact. Planting seeds of empowerment, watering them with acceptance and empathy, and filling them with sunrays of love.
This is what drew me to studying art therapy in BC at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institution. I’ve worked as an art therapist for over 11 years, and recently finished my doctorate at Mount Mary University – Milwaukee, where I investigated the use of art therapy to expand my understanding of people from diverse cultures, such as First Nations.
I use creative art as a means of promoting self-awareness, psychological health and healing. In my practice I seek to understand individual’s issues within cultural and social contexts; value diverse perspectives; focus on the individual’s strengths and commit to social justice.
This approach to therapy is tailored to you and your preferences, and combines aspects of mindfulness, talk therapy, and art-making.